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I’m Warren Green freelance lighting cameraman. With nearly twenty years experience, I pride myself on my versatility and creativity in this ever changing industry. With a long standing relationship with many of the top production companies throughout the UK.


With the better part of twenty years experience within the broadcast and corporate video industries

I’ve experienced just about anything that can happen to a camera crew within this fascinating, exciting and ever changing industry. First as a kit room boy lugging box’s in a busy facilities company, then as an assistant, camera operator, lighting cameraman and even on occasion as a self directing cameraman.

As a result I have found myself in all manner of unusual and sometimes exotic situations, be it the wilds of Northern Kurdistan, the heat of the Libyan desert, taking part in the New Orleans Mardi Gras or track side at the London Paralympic games.

As an owner/operator I can supply whatever is needed on a shoot, be it additional crew, or the latest in camera, lens and lighting technology. Because lets face it, nothing stands still in the television world for long?

freelance lighting cameraman

Covering UK & abroad

I am based Buckinghamshire and is ideally located for London and just about anywhere else.
‘Have crew van, will travel’, I once heard a wise old cameraman say!


Feel free to drop me a line

I am equally happy working directly for a company to meet their video requirements or with a production agency. Available to work anywhere in the UK and abroad. Please have a look around the site and contact me for availability and rates.

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    Check out my showreel highlighting the skill behind the camera.

    Please note when comparing showreels to other camera people, the work you see here is:
    Commissioned work (e.g. not student film/shorts material)
    Lit by myself as Lighting Cameraman/Director of Photography
    Filmed within the last 3 years

    Warren Green of GreenboxTV